Authentic Jazz II

Status: Open

NOTE: The language of class instruction is English


Authentic Jazz is the collective term for a number of dance styles originating from the early 20s century and is performed to the early Jazz and later Swing music such as The Charleston, Cake Walk, Black Bottom,Shimmy, etc. Its source is a blend of European and African traditions in an American environment and its most important features are rhythm and individuality. Authentic Jazz dance has gained a lot of popularity with the recent revival of the swing music and dance all around the world. Its dance steps have turned up in many modern dance forms such as Hip-Hop, Break Dance, Modern Jazz, etc

In this class you will:

  • Learn to coordinate and feel your body 

  • Learn the authentic Jazz moves, its rhythms, shapes and different styles. Build your own style and individuality

  • Learn the concepts and tools of musicality and how to depict the music you hear through your dance

  • Learn the traditional choreographies as well as developing the skill of creating your own routines

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