Philosophy & Vision

The right way to learn, from over 15 years of experience

  • Continuous, progressive groups with no fixed end. Once you join a class with Lana, you will continue to progress and learn with that group as long as the group remains stable.
  • No arbitrary labels or block system. The only time a label is applied is when the group is initially formed.
  • Each dancer and group is unique. Rather than having a fixed set of ideas to teach per group, Lana believes in adapting to each class so that no one is left behind and no one feels bored.
  • Personalised coaching via small, intimate classes. There is a right number of couples to create the optimal learning environment.
  • Understand the language of body movement for you and your partner. Dance is a language based on the physics of movement and of your own body. With Lana you learn both, allowing you to be a proficient social dancer.
  • Partner dance is a conversation that is always respectful and collaborative. Conversations are always more interesting and inspiring when both people have room to speak and share their ideas.
  • Discover the Swing and Jazz music, its structure and how to build your dance within it. Music should always be present in the dialogue that you construct with your partner.
  • Learn steps and moves within rhythms and feelings...not the other way around. Dance is about creating a coherent feeling rather than a series of disconnected moves or steps. 
  • Class is a group of friends and peers, not just strangers. Form supportive, meaningful relationships with your peers throughout your journey as a swing dancer.