Lindy Hop III

Status: Full

NOTE: The language of class instruction is English


Born in Harlem, New York City around the 1920s, it flourished in its popularity around the late 30s and 40s together with the Swing music and the era of big bands. Lindy Hop is a joyful and energetic partner dance which is based on the lead and follow structure but opens up to endless amounts of improvisation and individual interpretation. Having its roots in Afro-American culture, it incorporates the elements of The Charleston, Break Away, Tap and Authentic Jazz. Being one of the core styles in the Swing dance family, Lindy Hop is uniting people all around the world in their ability to communicate within the couple and groove with the beats of the Swing music. 

To join this class you should be comfortable with:

  • Communicating steps versus triple steps and combining them freely into basic patterns

  • The basic rhythms

  • Basic knowledge of connections (stretch and compression)

  • Basic variations of swing out like Inside/Outside turn and Texas Tommy

  • The concept of music structure and musicality

  • The basic jazz moves/ Shim sham

Registration is required to join the class.